Silva CM founder Nicolas Silva
Nicolas Silva

Having been born in Miami and raised around construction in South Florida a desire for build has fueled my passion for puzzles and making the difficult a physical reality.

My first taste for the industry came when I was 14 years old when I demanded my father allow me to work in the field doing anything I could to help and learn from, his crews working in large residential development in Homestead, Fl. I was hooked. All of the moving parts, coordination, problem solving, and critical thinking drew me in. 

In the now 15 years of my own experience in the construction industry I’ve been fortunate to witness the good, the bad, and the possible. From assembling residential projects to the phasing of high-rise projects the excuse for poorly managed construction is always the same, “that’s the way it is” or “that’s construction.” However, I’ve always disagreed and known that there was a formula for the success of any construction project. 

Silva CM was started to tailor and apply that formula to your endeavors and help you get the results you expect.

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